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AHC Attends Omada Sports Festival

October 25, 2019

Aloysians Handball Club has recently participated in a Sports Festival organised by the Omada group (part of the Agara Foundation). The festival was organised in order to bring individuals from different ethnicity, religion and beliefs together through sport: volleyball, basketball, handball, table tennis and more.

Janice Bonnici, our General Secretary, also participated in the event. She explained this was not only a "golden opportunity to promote the game of handball" but also "for our U15 boys to allow other children and adults to join in the fun, at times even explaining a few of the game rules". It was also a rare occasion in which the young players and their respective coaches enjoyed some time playing together in a somewhat relaxed atmosphere, without the usual pressure and tension that the preparation for competitive games entails.

U15 boys Coach Rebecca Bonello also attended the event. 


AHC Attends Omada Sports Festival: News
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