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AHC recruits Ms Andrea Szanto

October 25, 2019

Ms Andrea Szanto is a Hungarian PE teacher and multi sport coach who has played handball professionally for 20 years. Ms Szanto has played in Hungary, Germany and the United Kingdom.
Aloysians are happy to have secured the services of Ms Szanto for the forthcoming season as the Head Coach for the men's senior team. Ms Szanto has now been in Malta for 2 years and has told us she is very happy to join the club. She has confirmed everyone has been very welcoming since she joined. Andrea was worried at the start of the season because the preparation was difficult, but she now feels things are on track and the team is on the right track. There are high hopes for the team this season, and with room for improvement, Andrea is hopeful we can reach our goals.

AHC recruits Ms Andrea Szanto: News
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